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Why get up, perhaps an hour earlier to go to a Rotary meeting?

Yes, we meet bright and early in the morning - 7:00 am on Wednesdays! A simple answer might be "What else are you doing at that time on Wednesday morning?" And a simple answer might be "Sleeping!!!" Yet each week our members gather together for fun and fellowship. Wednesday morning is just a regular event on our calendars. It doesn't affect our work day by interrupting a busy schedule to run off to a Rotary meeting. Our meetings are held at a convenient place with plenty of parking. For many the meeting location is on our way to work or close to our place of employment. And most important, we have fun! We gather together, laugh together, eat together and learn together.

Why do you have to meet every week?

By meeting weekly members remain in touch with each other. Meetings are informative with inspirational and interesting speakers. We learn about our community and about situations worldwide. Often members say that they can't wait to get to the office to tell others what they learned from the morning speaker.  Attendance requirements are generous; you only need to be at 60% of the meetings.  And there are many opportunities to "make up" a meeting - by attending another Rotary club either locally or at any one of the over 32,000 clubs worldwide. Plus our club offers make ups by attending projects, board meetings or a variety of other opportunities.  Maintaining membership is easy but remember - like many things - you get out of it what you put into it!